i don’t know how but somewhere along the line i went from thinking about kissing boys to boys kissing each other

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hey I just met you
and this is crazy
but I read all of your fanfiction in a single night and I cried over all of it and I finished the latest WIP at like four a.m. but it ended on a cliffhanger and I can't stand not knowing and I dreamed about it last night and I'm going to live in constant misery until it's resolved
so update maybe
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do you ever just read something so ridiculous in a fic that you physically

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picture HD


Horror story.

Based on a true story



Horror story.

Based on a true story

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Randomness: Dear fellow Shawols,


where the hell are you guys?

Or, to be more precise, where is the fanfic reading/writing population?

shinee-replay is kind of more then a bit dead right now.

New fanfics don’t get (m)any comments.

Does nobody want to read fanfics anymore? Did I miss something? Is the party…

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Craziest Fanfics out there? DBZ fans you gotta check out #1

I’m pretty sure this was sparked by Fusion Reborn but please take a look see:

5 Fan Fiction Sex Scenes You Won’t Believe Exist

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[✎] Submitted by: anonymous
[✎] Submitted by: anonymous

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Jongkey Rec List for Mikakii


Posted in the last six months:

htenusho — The Dog (This one is really really strange and gross in a lot of ways but also brilliant.)

htenusho — Silence Comes Easy

yunho — Heartbreak Starts With An S

dubu_dubu — Vulpecula

artetseoul — Alibi

ambiguous — Night And Day


Personal all-time favorites:

quellazaire — Last Train To Wherever, Fly Me To The Moon (and pretty much everything else)

fib_jar — At Gunpoint

tjsbox — You Are The Moon (and everything else)

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